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Company History and Our Story

About Us

Welcome to Eco Stone Decor. Where your dreams can come true.

Inspired by the volcanic origin and beauty of ancient rock formations found all over the world. Eco Stone Decor has become a leading Canadian manufacturer of architectural stone & brick veneer with an outstanding reputation for quality products and customer service. Our state of the art manufacturing facility in Pointe-Claire, Quebec and its R&D staff is focused on creating authentic and innovative products that are magically transformed into creations of value and beauty.


  • Our expert staff is comprised of skilled and highly qualified personnel with an unparalleled commitment to excellence and creative vision. Our stone artisans have chosen the most attractive forms and textures to capture the essence and the primitive beauty of natural rock formations found throughout the world.

  • Eco Stone Decor's products are manufactured to the highest quality standards. Eco Stone Decor's patented technology produces durable products, capable of withstanding the harshest climatic conditions and severest free thaw cycles found throughout North America. Our products are fire resistant, do not produce smoke or toxic fumes, and can be safely used in the construction of fireplace surrounds. The high quality pigments used in Eco Stone Decor's products are integrated within the Portland cement matrix during manufacturing process, and will never fade over time. Lightweight with no footings or foundations required makes installing Eco Stone Decor's products much faster and easier to install than real stone.

  • Eco Stone Decor's products not only cost one-quarter to one-third less than natural stone products. They also conserve the same endurance and visual quality and are available in a much wider choice of colors. The product can also be installed over any sheathing material that provides a solid substrate whether it be outside or inside your home or office. When it comes to budget, with Eco Stone innovative technologies you don't need to give up your dream of having the elegant stone look you want for your construction project.