Exterior Stone Veneer Siding in Canada

In an era where natural, textured home trends are gaining immense popularity, exterior stone veneer siding becomes a significant player in the game. Demonstrating high durability and water resistance compared to traditional wood siding, it adds character and texture to a home while ensuring its protection from elements. It effortlessly complements virtually any architectural design, enhancing the curb appeal of Canadian homes.

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Advantages of Stone Veneer Siding

Once a luxury only a few could afford, owing to the labor-intensive work involved in masonry and the transport of heavy natural stones, stone veneer siding is now accessible to many. Technological advancement has resulted in lightweight, easy-to-install systems, drastically reducing the time and effort required in the past. The materials are now more affordable, and there is no necessity for special labor skills during their installation.

Stone veneer provides a myriad of options, in terms of color, shape, and pattern, becoming a commonplace choice for exterior home elements such as siding, columns, accent walls, fire pits and fireplaces. The blending capabilities of stone veneer’s texture and color allow it to elevate the natural elements of a home and outdoor living space, creating an appealing visual harmony.

Exterior Stone Veneer Siding: What are Your Options?

1) Traditional Stone Veneer: Highly similar to natural stone installation, traditional stone veneer siding is primarily cementitious. It requires the use of a Weather Resistive Barrier (WRB), an additional weather layer, lath, scratch coat, mortar and sometimes grade beams or lentil to support the weighty stone. Although it needs skilled labor due to its requirement for mortar, traditional stone veneer is more modular and requires less fitting work.

2) Mortarless Easy-to-Install Stone Veneer: This comes under two primary categories—panelized systems (cementitious-based and thermo-formed or polyurethane-based) and individualized systems (composite and concrete). Panelized systems may cover large square footage but could prove challenging to work around obstructions. On the other hand, individualized systems are easy to install with simple tools and offer higher workability, making them an appealing choice for various applications.

Choosing Your Exterior Stone Veneer Style

Mainly, you can choose between mortar joints (exposed grout) or a dry-stack look (tightly fitted).

1) Dry-Stacked: Dry-stacked stones are laid out without any mortar between the stones or panels, providing a seamless look and feel. Despite being labor-intensive with natural or heavier stones, dry-stacking can be finished up to 10X faster with materials like Evolve Stone, using a finish nailer and finish nails.

2) Mortar Joints: This technique relies on mortar joints between the stones, influencing the aesthetic aspect of a home. Though it extends the overall time and complexity of installation, it provides a distinctive visual effect to your exterior.

Exterior faux stone siding offers an array of options with immense benefits compared to natural stone siding. For instance, Evolve Stone, an individualized system that is mortarless and has the color throughout, offers advantages that even surpass other alternatives in the market—nailing it on all fronts.

Whether you’re renovating your existing home or building your dream house, exterior stone veneer siding is an element of design that marries beauty and functionality, promising to enhance the look of your Canadian home while protecting it efficiently. As with every home improvement undertaking, the understanding of product choices, their pros and cons, is pivotal to making an informed decision that suits your personal taste and aligns with your budget. With the right exterior stone veneer siding, you can transform your house into a home of timeless appeal and durable stature.

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